How to treat varicose veins on the legs in men

Varicose veins – a serious chronic disease of the peripheral blood vessels. The emergence and development contribute to many factors: standing work, intense physical workload, Smoking, pregnancy, diabetes, liver disease, genetic predisposition. Pathology is the reduction of the tone of the vein walls and capillaries that leads to stagnation of venous blood, local swelling, inflammation, and trophic skin lesions, but, more importantly, to thrombosis – the formation of solid blood clots. Such clots can cause blockage of blood vessels of the limb, with subsequent tissue necrosis, and can get into the bloodstream and penetrate anywhere – pulmonary artery, brain or heart. In the latter cases, there is a real threat to life.

treatment of varicose veins in men

Varicose veins in men and women

According to statistics, varicose veins of the lower extremities is more common in the fair half of mankind. The reason for this eternal feminine the purpose of pregnancy and motherhood. During pregnancy the body is under severe stress, which affects the condition of the circulatory system. However, women are extremely sensitive to the condition of his legs and at the first appearance of spider veins, spider veins, and even more pronounced veins, trying to take action and run to the doctor-phlebologist. The result of this disease resolve in the early stages.

Another thing-men. In most cases varicose veins in men the time of treatment to the doctor is at a very advanced stage. So, pregnancy men is not threatened, but they have a list of specific "male" factors can provoke the emergence and development of this unpleasant disease:

  • standing and sedentary work, especially in low mobility of the lower limbs;
  • service in the army and the police;
  • intense physical activity and sport.
  • hunting, fishing, Hiking and other outdoor activities, often accompanied by hypothermia.

Men risk factors – Smoking strong tobacco and drinking beverages with a high content of ethanol. Nicotine contributes to the dysfunction of peripheral vessels. Alcohol affects the liver cells responsible for producing enzymes that prevent blood clots and dissolve already formed clots. The stronger the male passion for alcohol and tobacco, the higher the risk of varicose veins, and the more dangerous its complications.

But the main negative factor that complicates the treatment of varicose veins on the legs in men is persistent neglect of patients need to be treated. Men firmly believe that varicose veins is one of the many women's moods, which is a real macho should not be ignored. It ends only when the skin form non-healing ulcers and may help at least a resection of the affected vein. It is absolutely clear that doctors will only uncover the tip of the iceberg and that the pathology has affected a much broader area. Affected in varying degrees, all the vessels of the legs after surgery, the person needs long and hard to recover and to be treated to prevent further manifestations of the disease, often much more formidable, and leading to amputation, disability or even death due to blockage of a large blood clot vital blood vessels.

The symptoms of varicose veins legs

In the initial stages varicose veins in men is no different from varicose veins in women. On the skin spider veins spider veins, it becomes evenly colored. Reduced sensitivity, there is a local not severe pain and hypothermia, often have painful cramps in my calves and thighs. By the evening of the tibia very swollen, especially if the patient has long standing or sitting in one position. Swelling subsides during sleep. In areas of edema often seen alopecia – the cessation of hair growth.

Over time unpleasant phenomenon is enhanced by palpation and inspection become visible subcutaneous venous bumps and lumps. If they do nothing, the skin becomes thinner and there are sores, it is extremely difficult to treat and can lead to the development of severe infectious lesions of the skin (inflammation), soft tissue (cellulitis) and a common blood infection (sepsis). These risks, of course, cannot eliminate the risk of thrombosis, which are mentioned above.

signs of varicose veins

If the man goes to the doctor

Even the most courageous and confident men are very often afraid to go to the doctor-phlebologist. Some are ashamed of their supposedly "female" disease, others are embarrassed to show the doctor what they have brought to your own body by signing thus in his own cowardice. Someone just shows carelessness, thinking that varicose veins in men legs – the disease is not deadly and it is better to bring the situation to the extreme, and then again to cure all with the help of modern laser coagulation ("or as this operation is called, doctor?"). Unfortunately, that treatment of the affected veins will not save all the rest, we have already spoken.

If a person finds the strength to go to the doctor, you should at least start to cure varicose veins folk remedies at home. I have to say: full recovery, especially if the pathological process has gone far enough, such treatment will not. How not to help the use of massively available in pharmacies gels and ointments from varicose veins.

However, some positive effects of folk remedies will certainly have and adverse effects of drugs from the "green pharmacy" a lot less than synthetic drugs. Moreover, many of the drugs recommended by "official" medicine, created on the basis of popular recipes.

Traditional recipes for varicose veins

Most of the traditional medicines involve only external use. The exception is, perhaps, only Apple cider vinegar is a unique and effective tool, capable when used correctly to overcome varicose veins in men in the early stages.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar made from apples contains a unique combination of vitamins A, C, group B, organic acids (acetic, citric, lactic), amino acids and microelements, which contribute to the restoration of the walls of the blood vessels and improve trophism of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. At the same time the vinegar has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect and treat inflammation and a fungal disease that inevitably arise in varicose veins the legs because of the reduction of local immunity.

Apple cider vinegar is used internally and topically. For oral administration to a glass of warm water take two tablespoons of vinegar and a spoonful of honey. Mix drink in one gulp before eating.


Apple cider vinegar should not be taken orally at an advanced phase of varicose veins because it promotes blood clotting!

Local tool used in the form of compresses and body wraps. You need to know as not to cause burns of the skin reactions and allergies. The compress applied for 30-40 minutes, the patient must lie flat with raised legs. On top of the vinegar soaked in gauze wound polyethylene.

Where to get Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins?

Apple cider vinegar can be purchased at the store or pharmacy or make your own. To do this, take 1 kg of apples and crushed them in a blender. Add in the mass of 50 g sugar, 20 g bread, 10 g of dry yeast. The mixture should ferment for at least 6 weeks. Then it was on 30% diluted with water and filtered through a filter into a container. Possible and rapid method, without bread and yeast. A rapid vinegar insist 2 weeks.

folk remedy for varicose veins

Medicinal herbs and fees

Good effect in the treatment of varicose veins in men give such remedies based on medicinal plants:

  • ethanolic extract of horse chestnut. Used for grinding the feet and lower legs;
  • herbal infusions from oak leaves, nettle, knotweed, Bidens. Used for compresses, baths, taken in the form of broths;
  • infusion of oak bark. Helps as an astringent and antiseptic for the emergence of trophic ulcers;
  • alcohol tincture of Kalanchoe is used daily for rubbing in for 2-3 weeks.

In the treatment of varicose veins folk remedies containing as the extractant ethanol, you need to be careful not to provoke a burn of the skin. Naturally, you should avoid taking alcohol tinctures inside more than the recommended dose. Many of the plants in case of overdose can give an undesirable effect, and even cause poisoning.

Traditions, bad habits, and varicose veins

How would a person did not belong to his disease, he should remember that the harmful masculine habits at times worsen the condition of patients feet. This is especially true of Smoking. However, alcohol consumption that leads first to a sharp expansion of vessels, and the contraction, is not conducive to recovery.

With varicose veins you should not abuse sauna, steam room, winter fishing and winter swimming. Anomalous temperature cause direct harm to weakened veins and skin. You need to think about changing the work connected with the permanent stay on my feet (construction workers, craftsmen universal machines, regulators) or in a squatting position (truck drivers). You need to forget about practicing power sports, long-distance running.

To reduce the harm caused by the feet, helps physiotherapy. Its purpose is to intensify the outflow of venous blood and overall circulation of blood in the capillaries. Required production gymnastics classes, after a busy day. Generally, the more male suffering from varicose veins will be free time to be in a horizontal position and keep your feet above the level of the body, the better. In this case, a "diva" lifestyle, not strange, you'll do him only good.

Prevention of varicose veins in men

If a person has a genetic predisposition to varicose veins or risks to earn it as an occupational disease, he should reconsider his diet. To give up not only from spirits, but from all the foodstuffs that worsen the condition of liver cells, improve cholesterol, reduce vascular tone As if that was not difficult, you need to give up fatty, spicy, salty, smoked. The basis of the meal should be lean meat, seafood, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, cheese.

Many men are skeptical about vegetarianism, believing this way of life is unworthy of the representatives of the stronger sex. However, studies have shown that the rejection of animal foods greatly reduces the risk of varicose veins. The choice is everyone's business.

It is important to correctly choose clothes and shoes, especially if you have flat feet or just a non-standard foot. Tight uncomfortable shoes – the first step in varicose veins of the legs.


In that case, if you cure varicose veins folk remedies all fail, you need to make the effort and go to the doctor. On time scheduled and conducted medical, compression or surgical treatment will help avoid serious consequences the running of varicose veins in men.