Gymnastics with varicose veins of the lower extremities

Varicose veins of the lower extremities is a common disease, especially among older women. The treatment of varicose veins should be comprehensive. One of the important components of the exercises for varicose veins that must be performed in accordance with all the rules. Take a closer look. But first you need to tell a little about the disease.

How to identify varicose veins

varicose veins of the lower extremities

Symptoms of varicose veins is quite bright, and it is easy to diagnose. The main symptoms are the following:

  • pain in the lower extremities;
  • oecause the end of the day feet;
  • seal veins and their performance on the skin of the feet;
  • finding the skin of the feet bluish;
  • constant feeling of heaviness.

If only one of these symptoms is cause to sound the alarm. Varicose veins causes discomfort not only in the legs — it can cause large varicose veins, circulatory disorder, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. If you do not treat the disease, swollen blood vessels can burst and cause bleeding. There are even cases of lethal results of the examination of hemorrhage in very advanced cases of varicose veins.

Usually the treatment should be comprehensive and includes the following methods:

  • The use of drugs;
  • Ointments and creams for external use;
  • Vitamins;
  • Special exercises from varicose veins on the legs.

The main goal of therapy is healing of blood vessels. Healthy blood vessels and help prevent a number of problems associated with varicose veins, and other diseases.

The effectiveness of gymnastics with varicose veins

Exercise with varicose veins of the lower extremities help to ensure proper circulation of blood and lymph. They ensure that feet stop growing and stagnate fluid. This reduces the pressure on the veins and normalizes their condition.

Also there is a restoration of arterial blood supply, stimulation of blood vessel tone in the lower extremities. Veins find lost elasticity and revitalizes. Gymnastics with varicose veins helps to eliminate the venous veins and stars affected tissues. Improved peripheral circulation helps to improve the condition of the lower extremities and body as a whole.

Thus, performing exercises for varicose veins of the legs, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not just give your feet a heavy load. You can only make the situation worse, if you use running and walking for a long distance. For maximum effect, do more repetitions, not by increasing the tempo of their performance.
  • Important properly selected set of exercises. Mostly gymnastics from varicose veins on the legs is in various rotational and flexion exercises for the joints. Good are exercises of the type "Bicycle" and "scissors".

Bubnovsky exercise with varicose veins

The first is to talk about how recommends treat varicose veins doctor. He created a unique technique for the treatment of various diseases of the joints, veins and spine called kinesitherapy. It allows you to get rid of many pathologies with which conventional therapy can handle bad.

Classes Bubnovsky's method are made on specially developed equipment. Performing exercises, don't be afraid of overloads, since the equipment is designed so that the load will be optimal.

The complex of exercises is chosen individually in each case. The difficulty level largely depends on the age of the patient. Older people are recommended more simple exercise than young. Yet effective technique in any event.

If you have no opportunity to attend special sports halls, gymnastics with varicose veins of the lower extremities to the doctor can be done at home, without the use of additional equipment.

Exercise will be as follows:

symptoms of varicose veins
  • Sit on a chair without touching the backrest, legs close together at the knees. Lift the foot on the anterior part, then bring the prop onto the back. Do 20 repetitions.
  • Lean on both hands. In this position, take the front part of the foot and slowly lower to the heel. Also do 20 reps, don't rush.
  • The uprites hands on the wall. Raise up on toes, exhale down and simultaneously lower your arms down. Repeat 20 times.
  • Sitting on a chair, in turn, raise the legs completely straightening their knees. When lifting you have to turn in a circle the foot, allowing the joint to heat up.
  • After completing all exercises, lie on your back and raise your legs resting them on the back or wall of the bed. This will give you the opportunity to relax your legs and improve the blood circulation in their area.

Such exercises are quite effective, but you can achieve positive results if you combine it with traditional treatment measures, as well as short walks, Cycling, a good rest, and proper nutrition.

Gymnastics with varicose veins in the legs: other systems

Begin performing exercises for varicose veins of the lower extremities can be still not getting out of bed. Feet do not like sudden movements:

  • Pull the socks, and then lean them backwards.
  • Do stop turns left and right.
  • Follow the circular movements of the feet, then pull the sock, but send it to yourself.

Each exercise repeat several times. If you just started gymnastics, the optimal number of repetitions 4-5 times. Later it can be increased to ten. Thanks to such a simple charge to vessels you will be able to stand up without discomfort. If this stage is passed successfully, you can go directly to the gym.

Physiotherapy is recommended to execute from the top down. It is important to involve all the muscle groups in the body, but do it gradually:

  • First mash the cervical spine, making tilts and head turns. No need to over-zealous and boost load. Exercises should be comfortable, without pain and discomfort.
  • Then proceed to the exercises of the shoulder girdle. Do Mahi and rotating arms, bending and twisting of the body.
  • To study the backs do tilt forward. First, they must be inactive and shallow, then the more free you will be able to bend already below.
  • For spine useful for a variety of exercises, providing for the deflection in the back. Bend your back like a cat, then return to the starting position.

After the General exercises starts exercises for the legs with varicose veins of the lower extremities. It can include the following exercises:

exercises Bubnovsky
  • Squats. Squats belong to the conditionally permitted exercise with varicose veins. We need to spread his legs shoulder-width apart and slowly squat until your pelvis is parallel to the floor. Perform the exercise several times. If you have difficulty, stop the effort and go back to squats later.
  • Mahi. Perform normal leg swings forward, sideways and backwards. Do it gently. Enough five strokes in each direction.
  • Rotational motion of a leg on the weight. Need to stick for support, leaning on one leg, the second diverted to the side. Follow rotational movement of the foot inwards and outwards. Then do the same with the other leg — five times each.
  • Rolls from toe to heel. This is a very useful exercise with varicose veins.

You can then perform exercises while lying on the floor. For them, it is recommended to use a special ball. Lie on the floor, cast on the ball of the leg and rotate it in front of him. This exercise will help to restore vascular tone in a rather mild form.

If no ball can help regular exercise "Bicycle" and "scissors". Turned over on your stomach, do leg lifts. You can do it with both feet at once, or raise in turn.

At the end of the exercise, gentle stretching. Do it smoothly and carefully, without too much effort. Throughout the complex, and keep breathing. It is a prerequisite.

Note that there are exercises that you can incorporate in your workout with varicose veins. These include the following:

  • Jumping, in particular, on the rope.
  • Exercises with strength exercises with dumbbells and a barbell.
  • Flexion and extension of the trunk.
  • Too fast and active squats.
  • Intensive gymnastics stretching exercises.
  • Jogging long distances and at speed.

Exercises to relieve fatigue of the feet

There are also exercises that will help relieve tired feet. This is important in the treatment of varicose veins, because it is a very common symptom) and in its prevention. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Try to avoid a sitting position, throwing a leg up on the other.
  • If you have a sedentary job, try every 40 minutes under the table to perform the exercise, heel-toe.
  • In the breaks you can walk on toes.
  • Subject to availability you can sit with my feet up on the Desk. This will help to relieve tired legs and improve circulation.
  • In the evening the house can make a cool bath with herbs for tired feet. Also be useful a light foot massage from foot to thigh.
  • Resting, lying down, try to keep the toe level was always above the level of the buttocks.
  • For relaxation of the feet can be useful in this exercise: drop to the floor a pen, pencil or other object and then try to grab his toes.
exercises varicose veins

Properly performed exercise with varicose veins of the lower limbs can significantly improve their condition and to forget about a number of problems.